Friday, 23 March 2012 - are you?

I am delighted to announce the launch of our standalone blog We were planning to use for this, but after much discussion we felt as it was a pure fashion content website, its far better we make it really obvious what the content would be about, and therefore we decided on
When launches on May 1st, we will also have our own in-house blogs but these will be very specific to us and what we are doing. The objective of this blog is to talk about the fashion industry in general and make much more reflective on the industry as a whole.
Sarah in our office will be writing the content, and I have told her that she needs to make it interesting to those who have any interest in fashion within Ireland and I'm sure she will. So please, get on there and get your fashion fix of all that's going on in fashion both online and offline in the world of fashion in Ireland!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Miinto Goes Dutch with RTL...

This Autumn, the successful online fashion concept,, will be introduced to the Dutch market. Over the last three years, this concept, originally developed in Denmark, witnessed successful launches and very steep growth rates in various other markets including Norway, Sweden and the USA. Hence, because of the immense success, the Dutch media and entertainment company RTL Nederland now enters a full-scale partnership with Together they aim to successfully enter and develop the Dutch online fashion market.

Group CEO of, Morten Larsen, states: “The Netherlands is an interesting market for us as it is a thriving and very skilful e-commerce-country. Online shopping is an integral part of the various big markets in the Netherlands and especially within fashion. Therefore, it is the perfect time for us to launch our concept here. We've already been given a vote of confidence by the sector-specific CBW-MITEX organization, and specifically our cooperation with RTL will ensure that the leverage is in place to turn into a success”

The partnership between and RTL will result in the website, It will launch in late 2012. will be an integrated part of the as in the existing markets (,,,,, – functioning as a full-service online sales platform for independent physical fashion retailers. will give the retailers – whom in many cases do not have any online business - the opportunity to sell their products online easily, effectively and inexpensively. handles everything from photographing products, marketing and customer service.

Note for editors: You can contact Morten Larsen for Miinto at +45 28 87 85 00 or For Laurens Groenendijk contact You can contact Kim Koppenol, Manager Corporate Communication on +31(0)35-6718597 or @: for RTL Ventures.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Getting Fresh With Miinto...

It's unusual for start-ups to change their name so close to launching their product, but that's exactly what we have done. So is now Why? Well, as much as I love the domain of iminto, it meant Ireland would have the most unique name within the Miinto group - and whilst I love being unique, it makes much more long-term sense that we align our brand with all the other countries in the Miinto group as we grow our brand internationally. So that's what we've done.
As from this week we are now known as and we will use as a stand-alone website for cool fashion content.
This week has been a great week for, as we have brought on board a superb collection of top independent boutiques who stock some truly first class brands. The team and I are super excited about what is coming. It won't be long before Irish fashion consumers will make us their primary shopping destination. It's about time Irish fashion consumers got what they wanted from their favourite local boutiques online, and for the local boutiques to fight back against the giants who have been unchallenged. Launch date is set as May 1st, but if we carry on at the warp speed we're going, it could be even sooner. Let the battle commence!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Love Ireland, Love Iminto

Last night I took my brother-in-law to the Ireland v Czech Republic match at the Aviva Stadium. Although the first half was slow, a few changes in the second half livened things up and we were back on track with a well taken goal towards the end.
This reminded me of business. Sometimes things can take a little while to get going but perservere and keep believing and the breakthrough will come. It was ironic that I got a call from Mike Radoor, Miinto co-founder, just before Ireland equalised to tell me some really positive news regarding booked sales meetings - back of the net!
I have nothing but a complete, unbreakable belief that Iminto will be a huge success in Ireland. Now we are beginning to see retailers share the same belief too. These are very exciting times for the team, but we have to remain focused. As many a football manager has said "you have to keep playing until the whistle blows".